Indiana’s Education Value Movement


Just over half (53%) of Indiana’s high school students are pursuing some form of education or training beyond a high school diploma.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education and partners across the state are actively working to promote the value of higher education so more Hoosiers – both youth and adult learners – believe it is a relevant, valuable and accessible choice for their lives.

Hoosiers are concerned about the cost of college and the value it provides

Recent research in Indiana reveals Hoosiers are concerned about the cost of college and believe that a college degree doesn’t hold as much value as it once did. Most Hoosiers (82%) still “feel favorable” about higher education, but favorability alone is not enough to overcome the barriers and move more people to enrolling in an education or training program.

The Commission for Higher Education and its partners are putting into practice a new messaging framework to combat the negative messages about the value of higher education in Indiana. One of the most important functions of this work is equipping trusted messengers – educators, family, friends, community leaders, employers, etc. – with the tools and resources to connect with potential learners as positive influences for the value of education and training beyond high school.

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